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  3. 5. Post-Operative Complications of Pneumonectomy and It’s Management
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5. Post-Operative Complications of Pneumonectomy and It’s Management

Muhammad Imran1, Nasir Ali4, Zeeshan Ehsan2, Jamil ur Rehman1, Jawad Hameed3 and Muhammad Sheharyar Ashraf3


Objective: To evaluate post-operative complications of pneumonectomy and their management.

Study Design: Prospective study

Place and Duration of Study: This study was conducted at the thoracic surgery Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar from January 2023 to December 2023.

Methods: Overall, 150 patients were included in this study. The study examined various factors including age, sex, preoperative conditions, pulmonary function, gas exchange tests, indications for operation, preoperative clinical stage, neoadjuvant treatment, type of analgesia, morbidity.

Results: Minor complications were observed in 83.3% patients. The most common minor complication in the patients was atrial dysrhythmia, noted in 53.6% patients. Major complications were observed in 56.7% patients. The most common major complication was pneumonia and noted in 51.8% patients. BMI was the effect modifier for the major complications, (p<0.050).

Conclusion: Pneumonectomy poses higher risks compared to other lung surgeries. Sleeve resections should be considered first. A multidisciplinary team must assess the necessity of pneumonectomy and be vigilant for potential complications. Preoperative evaluation and postoperative monitoring are important for early complication detection and treatment.

Key Words: Pneumonectomy, Post-operative complications, Management, Pneumonia, COPD

Citation of article: Imran M, Ali N, Ehsan Z, Jamil ur Rehman, Hameed J, Ashraf MS. Post-Operative Complications of Pneumonectomy and It’s Management. Med Forum 2024;35(3):23-26.doi:10.60110/ medforum.350305.