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38. Errors in Use of Metered Dose Inhalers in Asthma

Objective: To determine the Errors in use of metered dose inhalers in Asthma

Study Design: Analytic interventional study

Place and Duration of Study: This study was conducted at the Idris teaching hospital Sialkot during Jan 2019 to Nov 2020.

Materials and Methods: Four Hundred consecutive patients coming to the out patient department with diagnoses of Asthma or COPD who has ever been prescribed meter dose inhalers of any of drugs beta 2 Agonists, Steroids Ipratropiun and Cromolyn in the pass were asked to demonstrate their technique and common errors were observed. The written informed consent every patient was taken before inclusion in the study. The Ethical Committee permission was taken before collecting the data and get publishing in Medical Journal. The findings were analyzed for results by SPSS version twenty.

Results: The incidence of error was maximum 308(77%) in error no 5 and minimum 3(075%) error no 7. Percentage of Patients trainable after 4 weeks was maximum 304(76.19%) at age group 11-20 years and minimum 214(53.6%) at age group 51-60 years. Incidence of 26 Trainable 25 smoker after 4week was in 32 male and it was 28trainabale 8smokers after 4weeks was in 54 female. Incidence of 36Trainable 48 smoker after 4week was in 64 male and it was 43trainabale 14smokers after 4weeks was in 80 female. Incidence of 20Trainable 20 smokers after 4week was in 32 male and it was 46 trainable 3smokers after 4weeks was in 48 female. Incidence of 24 Trainable 32 smokers after 4week was in 50 male and it was 8 trainable 1smokers after 4weeks was in 14 female. Incidence of 11 Trainable 12 smokers after 4week was in 17 male and it was 5 trainable 0smokers after 4weeks was in 9 female.Incidence of Non-trainable patients in 4 male and 9 female at age group 41-50 years was maximum 13 and wasminimum 1male and 1female at age group 11-20 years was 2.

Conclusion: Incorrect inhaler use in sick persons with asthma and Chronic Obstructed Pulmonary Disease is unaccepted high outside clinical methods and does not seen to have betterment over the last forty years. This may be a major hindrance for obtaining good asthma control.

Key Words: Errors, Meter dose, Asthma, COPD

Citation of article: Khalid G, Nasir U, Nasir R, Siddique R, Butt T, Bhatti AK. Errors in Use of Metered Dose Inhalers in Asthma. Med Forum 2021;32(4):153-156.