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  3. 4. Role of Vitamin D3 in Erectile Dysfunction
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4. Role of Vitamin D3 in Erectile Dysfunction

Mahmood Ahmed Memon1, Mumtaz Ali Chandio2, Shah Muhammad Noonari1, Pardeep Kkumar Maheshwari3, Muhammad Shahid Bhatti4 and Feroze Mahar5


Objective: To determine the role of vitamin d3 in erectile dysfunction in our hospital.

Study Design: Prospective / cross-sectional study

Place and Duration of Study: This study was conducted at the Social Security Kidney Centre Hospital of Karachi from July 2017 to August 2018.

Materials and Methods: The sample size of study was 84 taking prevalence to 64.2%. All patients with Age > 18 yrs, patients presenting with complains of erectile dysfunction in outpatient department were included. Patients with cardiovascular diseases, depression, antipsychotic drugs and bleeding disorders were excluded.

Results: Out of 84 patients presented with erectile dysfunction the mean age of patients was 34.8 ± 4.4 years. Most of group affected was from 25yrs to 35yrs n= 52(65%), and 35 to 45yrs n=28(35%) respectively. The patients mostly presented with mean vitamin D levels of 14.6ng/ml ± 4.82. While mostly the range of vitamin D was between 10ng/ml to 20ng/ml i-e; n=60 (75%), from >30ng/ml, n=15 (18.8%) and <10ng/ml n=5(6.3%).

Conclusion: Erectile dysfunction was found to have severe vitamin d deficiency with improvement in ED after vitamin d supplementation together with some lifestyle modification.

Key Words: Erectile dysfunction, vitamin D

Citation of article: Memon MA, Chandio MA, Noonari SM, Maheshwari PK, Bhatti MS, Mahar F. Role of Vitamin D3 in Erectile Dysfunction. Med Forum 2019;30(3):14-17.