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  3. 38. Efficacy of Oral Chloroquine in Uncomplicated Vivax Malaria in children
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38. Efficacy of Oral Chloroquine in Uncomplicated Vivax Malaria in children

Salma Shaikh, Shazia Memon and Chetan Das


Objectives: To assess the efficacy of Chloroquine in treatment of uncomplicated vivax malaria.

Study Design: Observational study

Place and Duration of Study: This study was conducted at the Pediatric Outpatient Department, LUMHS, Jamshoro, Sindh from March to December 2016.

Materials and Methods: All the patients from 6 months to 15 years presented with febrile illness with no any cause for fever and not severely malnourished were screened for malaria by doing slide microscopy.  We  had included 100  children confirmed  on microscopy as cases of vivax malaria as our sample  for complete follow up protocol upto 42 days for  scheduled slide microscopy (3,7,14,21,&  42). They were treated with oral chloroquine in outpatient department, under supervision of research officer for first three days and follow up continued for 42 days to assess clinical and parasitological response. Our Primary Outcome was Adequate Clinical and Parasitological Response (ACPR) while our Secondary Outcomes were early treatment failure and  late parasitological failure.

Results: From 100 mono-infected patients with Plasmodium vivax, 92 cases responded to chloroquine by day 3, while 8 cases cleared parasitemia by day 7. By day 7 response to treatment was 100%.  5 were lost to follow up on day 14 and3cases on day 21.

Conclusion: CQ remains safe and effective therapy for uncomplicated Vivax malaria, such studies on larger scale should be continued for early detection of resistance.

Key Words: Vivax Malaria, Chloroqiune Efficacy, Uncomplicated Malaria, Children.

Citation of article: Shaikh S, Memon S, Das C. Efficacy of Oral Chloroquine in Uncomplicated Vivax Malaria  in children. Med Forum 2017;28(4):148-151.