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  3. 25. Colloid Preload and Coload Versus Delivery: The Effect of Injection Speed
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25. Colloid Preload and Coload Versus Delivery: The Effect of Injection Speed

Muhammad Salman Maqbool1 and Muhammad Umer Draz


Objective: To foresee clinical effects of crystalloid pre-load versus colloid preload/co-load in spinal cesarean delivery.

Study Design: Prospective / observational study


Place and Duration of Study: This study was conducted at the Department of Anesthesia, Islam Teaching Hospital, Islam Medical College, Sialkot, from 03-4-2012 to 18-9-2012 and Rawal General and Dental Hospital, Rawal Institute of Health Sciences, Islamabad, from 19-9-2012 to 18-11-2013 respectively.


Materials and Methods: Parturients were placed in group-a, and group-b, i.e. colloid and crystalloid fluid groups respectively, given as preload /or coload alongwith injection speed variation.Data analyzed by SPSS v19.


Results: In group-a, and b, vasopressor was required in 50 (40.3%) and 68(54.4%) of cases.The correlation co-efficient(r) was 0.768(group-a) and 0.723(group-b) and significant at 0.01 level respectively.


Conclusion: Slow injection speed lowers incidence of hypotension and crystalloid or colloid fluids must be rapidly administered at time of spinal anesthesia for maximum efficacy. Key Words: Cesarean, Speed, Spinal, Co-Load, Preload.


Citation of articles: Maqbool MS, Draz MU. Colloid Preload and Coload Versus Crystalloid Preload in

Spinal Cesarean Delivery: The Effect of Injection Speed. Med Forum 2017;28(12):102-105.