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  3. 2. Drug Prescribing Knowledge / Skill Among Undergraduate Dental Students
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2. Drug Prescribing Knowledge / Skill Among Undergraduate Dental Students

Sana Farooq1, Muhammad Nadeem1 and Zuhaib Younus2


Objective: This study was to assess the acquisition of prescribing skill of preclinical dental undergraduate students. Our targeted group of students is of third year BDS and Final year BDS students, of LCMD Study Design: Prospective / descriptive / cross-sectional study.

Place and Duration of Study: This study was conducted at the Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry,  Karachi from August 2017 to September 2017.

Materials and Methods: A total of 100 students of 3rd year and 4th year BDS were selected. A structured questionnaire was introduced to them to fill out. The questionnaire sought information about the demographics of the students, their undergraduate CPT teaching, experience of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and drug interactions since starting work, confidence in drug usage and, in retrospect; any perceived deficiencies in their undergraduate CPT teaching1-3.

Results: A total 100 students both boys and girls out of which 50 is from 3rd year BDS and 50 is from 4th year BDS participated in this study. Most common health condition treated in dental practice: to this question majority of respondent’s answers Dental Caries denoted as =1 in questioner key (3 %), Periodontal disease =2 (26 %), Trauma =3 (6 %), Pulpitis =4 (68 %).

Conclusion: Dental caries was found to be the most common reason for drugs prescription encountered which includes treating and relieving its symptoms i-e; pain, ache, infection & swelling. Amoxicillin + Clavulanic acid was considered to be the most effective and convenient antibiotic to subside the infection. NSAIDs are given for pain removal most preferably. Definite posology of the drug was the main reason for error in prescription. Key Words: Prescribing Drugs, Students, Patient, Skills

Citation of articles: Farooq S, Nadeem M, Younus Z. Drug Prescribing Knowledge / Skill Among Undergraduate Dental Students. Med Forum 2018;29(3):6-9.