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  3. 16. Platelet Rich Plasma in Tennis Elbow
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16. Platelet Rich Plasma in Tennis Elbow

Adnan1, Waqas Javed1, Hannah Saleemi1, Ammara Shafqat3, M Arif3 and Kamran Hamid2


Objective: To study the platelet rich plasma in tennis elbow.

Study Design: Observational study

Place and Duration of Study: This study was conducted at the Idris teaching hospital Sialkot during Jan 2018  to Oct 2020.

Materials and Methods: 100 patients with tennis elbow and who visited our Idris teaching hospital Sialkot with conservative treatment were treated with PRP, and results were evaluated with raised platelet rich plasma. History, examination and X-ray of elbow was taken. Written informed consent was taken before taking History, examination and X-ray of elbow. The permission of Ethical Committee was considered before collecting the data and get publishing in Medical Journal. The data was analyzed for results by SPSS version 20.

Results: The incidence of Tennis elbow was maximum 17(32.69%) at age group 26-36 years and was minimum 3(5.76%) at age group 15-25 years. The incidence of Tennis elbow was 32 (61.53%) in male and 20(38.46%) in case of female. The incidence of Tennis elbow was maximum 26(50%) in middle class and was minimum 5(9.61%) in high gentry. The incidence Tennis elbow was 52(100%) in Platelet plasma rich injection given to patients having pain in elbow joint and was 00(00%) in plantar fasciitis.

Conclusion: In conclusion, local injection of obtained from the same individual Platelet rich plasma resulted to be a hopeful form of treatment for tennis elbow. It is both safe (avoiding surgical complications) and effective in relieving pain and improving function. It is a cost related method for the sick persons. The current available data support that repeated steroid injections are deleterious and may lead to serious consequences, and our study demonstrates a newer, safer, and better alternative for patients. However sustained efficacy of this promising and safer therapeutic option should be further evaluated in long-term follow-up studies that include a larger number  of patients.

Key Words: Platelet, Plasma, Tennis Elbow.

Citation of article: Adnan, Javed W, Saleemi H, Shafqat A, Arif M, Hamid K. Platelet Rich Plasma in Tennis

Elbow. Med Forum 2021;32(2):68-70.