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  3. 14. Renal Mal-Development A – Devastating Side Effect of Ginsenosides
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14. Renal Mal-Development A – Devastating Side Effect of Ginsenosides

1. Sarah Khalid 2. Humara Gulnaz

1. Assoc. Prof. of Anatomy, 2. Asstt. Prof. of Anatomy, Shalimar Medical and Dental College, Lahore 


Objectives: To determine the side effects of ginseng product on human. 

Study Design: Experimental study. 

Place and Duration of Study: This study was conducted at the Department of Anatomy, University of Health Sciences, Lahore from Jan 2005 to December 2007. 

Materials and Methods: Thirty adult albino mice were split into three groups of 10 mice (eight pregnant females and two males) in each group. Group A received distilled water for full term of gestation. Group B received HTD (780 mg/kg/day) mixed in 0.1ml of distilled water and Group C received MTD (1560/mg/kg/day) mixed in 0.1ml of distilled water for full term of gestation. Embryos were taken by doing C-section on gestational day 18. The fetuses were prospected and kidneys were removed. The kidneys were fixed; processed and microscopic slides were prepared.

Results: Histological examination showed signs of renal tubular malformation as well as varying degrees of undifferentiated mesenchymal connective tissue along with congestion and erythrocyte infiltration in the tissue preparations. These alterations were dose dependent in experimental groups. These changes were remarkable in the group C as compared with the group A or group B. Our study shows that Ginseng has embryotoxic consequences and indicates that more researches and close observation of embryotoxic outcomes of Ginsenosides on pregnancy are required.

Conclusion: Our investigation indicates that Ginseng products have teratogenic effects in vivo and suggest that further investigations and monitoring of embryonic effects of Ginsenosides on human pregnancy are warranted. Key Words: Kidney, Renal, Malformation, Congenital, Ginseng

Citation of article: Khalid S, Gulnaz H. Renal Mal-development – A Devastating Side Effect of Ginsenosides.


Med Forum 2015;26(9):56-60.