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  3. 1. Evaluation of Zinc Levels in Stroke Patients
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1. Evaluation of Zinc Levels in Stroke Patients

Syed Qaiser Hussain Naqvi1, Shamsuddin Shaikh2 and Jawaid Hussain Lighari3


Objective: To evaluate the role of Zinc in patients of stroke.

Study Design: Observational study

Place and Duration of Study: This study was conducted at the Medical Ward and Out Patient’s Department of Peoples Medical College Hospital, Nawabshah from January 2016 to December 2016.

Materials and Methods: The current observational study was conducted on 200 cases comprising of 100 control cases and 100 consecutive patients suffering from stroke fulfilling the criteria. The patients were collected from medical ward and out patient’s department of Peoples Medical College Hospital as well as private clinic. After taking informed consent, the demographic and clinical data were collected on a proforma designed for the study. Serum Zinc level was evaluated in all cases of both groups and results were tabulated.

Results: Out of 100 cases of stroke, 68 (68%) were male, the mean age of patients was 62 + 16 years, among these 100 cases 73 (73%) having ischemic stroke and 27 (27%) having haemorrhagic stroke. The control group consists of 100 cases of normal healthy population having serum Zinc level in normal range, comprising of 70 males and 30 females with a mean age of 58+14 years. The serum Zinc level was evaluated in all cases of stroke. In ischemic stroke group 34 (46.6%) patients, and in haemorrhagic group 9 (33.3%) cases show serum Zinc level < than 65mcg/dl. The normal serum level (reference range) considered was 65-150 mcg/dl.

Conclusion: A low Zinc level was observed in 43 (43%) of cases, among these majority belongs to ischemic stroke group, suggesting that hypozincemiais a possible contributing factor in patients of stroke.

Key Words: Serum Zinc Level, Hypozincemia, Ischemic Stroke, Hemorrhagic Stroke

Citation of articles: Naqvi SQH, Shaikh S, Lighari JH. Evaluation of Zinc Levels in Stroke Patients. Med Forum 2018;29(10):2-4.