Article Requirements

Created on Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Requirements for printing of your valuable articles in ‘Medical Forum Monthly’ are as follows:

ØFor Original Article:

oAround 2,000 words, but not exceeding 3,000 words.

oNot more than 6 tables or illustrations.

oNo less than 20 references & No more than 40.

oAbstract not more than 250 words.

ØFor Review Article:

oAround 3,000 words.

oNo less than 40 references & No more than 60.

ØFor Short Communications:

oAround 600 words.

oOne Table or Illustration.

oNo more than 5 References.

ØFor Letters:

oAround 400 words.

oNo more than 5 references.

ØThree Original Laser Print copies with one CD containing a soft copy of the article will be accepted for printing.

ØConsent letter, in the name of the Editor-in-Chief, which must carry signatures of all the authors of the article.