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  3. 4. Choice of Doctor’s Gender for Consultation of Surgical patients
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4. Choice of Doctor’s Gender for Consultation of Surgical patients

Farzana1, Ehtisham ul Haq2, Hina Tabassum3, Nahid1 and Bushra Shams2


Objective: To assess the patient preference towards gender of consulting surgeon along with the causes of preference. To know  their next step in case of non-availability of doctor gender of their own choice along with their limitations to approach the doctor gender of their own choice.

Study Design: Cross sectional survey.

Place and Duration of Study: This study was conducted at the Department of surgery Abbas Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) Muzaffarabad, from 1st February to 31 March 2017.

Materials and Methods: Patients of both genders who attended surgery clinic for consultation were included. Patients below   18 years of age were excluded. Questionnaire included statements related to  hesitancy or shyness if to be examined by   doctor of opposite gender, their further action if they don’t find  a doctor of their own gender at this time, qualification, age, marital status, address ( rural/urban).Results were analyzed using    SPSS Version  21. Chi-square test was used for calculating significance of categorical variables.

Results: Pearson Chi-Square statistic, X2 =59 and P <0.001; so very small probability of the observed data under the null hypothesis of no relationship. Null hypothesis is rejected since P<0.05.

Conclusion: Female Patients are hesitant and shy when “doctor of opposite gender is allowed for medical examination”. So the study results show in a country like Pakistan where cultural value and society norms needs more female doctors to adopt surgery as their post graduate training and surgeon as profession

Key Words: Doctor, Gender, choice, female surgeon, patient, preference, consulting.

Citation of article: Farzana, Ehtishamulhaq, Tabassum H, Nahid, Shams B. Choice of Doctor’s gender for consultation of Surgical patients. Med Forum 2019;30(11):11-14.