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  3. 36. Lower Extremity Post Traumatic Reconstruction, Etiology and Outcome
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36. Lower Extremity Post Traumatic Reconstruction, Etiology and Outcome

Abdul Khaliq, Zarish Daniel, Naima Javed and Hameed ud-Din


Objective: To evaluate the management outcome of lower extremity trauma to preserve best possible function and appearance of affected limb. In an effort to avoid amputation of limb partial or complete, and also to avoid long term follow with open wound.

Study Design: Descriptive prospective study

Place and Duration of Study: This study was conducted at the Plastic Surgery Department of PIMS Hospital, Islamabad from January 2018 to December 2018.

Materials and Methods: This descriptive prospective study was conducted at PIMS Hospital plastic surgery department. Patients underwent multiple methods of reconstruction after complete assessment, stability; precise wound assessment, any neurovascular injury, wound infection, and fracture fixation were included. Evaluation of the reconstructive techniques in the term of co-morbidities, complications, with radiographic findings was done. Data was entered in self-made proforma.

Results: Total 30 patients were studied, their age range was from 8-45 years, 15 cases were with simple wound and 15 were with complex wound. Most frequent wounds were of distal 3rd. Most common trauma was of MVA 46.6%. Treatment employed skin grafting (15 patients) local fasciocutaneous flap (5 patients) Muscle flap (5 patients) reverse sural flaps (2 patients) delayed flaps (3 patients). According to the outcome 26.6% patients were extremely satisfied, 23.3% were very satisfied, 16.6% were moderately satisfied, 20% were slightly satisfied and 13.3% were not satisfied.

Conclusion: Different flap techniques show favorable result in preserving the function and appearance of the affected limbs. Skin grafting was the most common technique for simple injuries and in complex wounds.

Key Words: Lower extremity trauma Reconstruction Skin grafts Flap outcome.

Citation of article: Khaliq A, Daniel Z, Javed N, Hameeduddin. Lower Extremity Post Traumatic Reconstruction, Etiology And Outcome. Med Forum 2019;30(11):136-140.