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32.Appropriate Dialyzer Selection among Patients on Hemodialysis

Shahid Anwar1, Sajad Ahmad1, Hafiz Tahir Usman1, Mateen Akram2 and Abad-ur-Rehman Awan5


Objective: To determine the appropriate dialyzer type for the individual patient which is effective for adequate hemodialysis?

Study Design: Cross-sectional study

Place and Duration of Study: This study was conducted at the Department of Nephrology, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore from 1st October 2021 to 2nd November 2021.

Materials and Methods: Seventy adult dialysis patients undergoing regular hemodialysis at our dialysis center were included in the study. Patients with acute renal failure were excluded. Biodata of patients including gender, age, height, weight, and BMI were recorded, total body water was calculated using Watson’s equation. “K” was be calculated by rearranging the Kt/V=1.4 equation. In-vivo to in-vitro conversion is done by dividing the value of “K” by 0.85.

Results: The mean age was 48.09±11.63 years, mean weight was 62.06±11.86 kg, mean BMI was 23.63±4.45 kg/m2 and mean TBW was 34.18±5.31 L. At QB of 250ml/min, 300 ml/min, and 300 – 400 ml/min, TBW mean value helped in the choice of dialyzer.

Conclusion: Hemodialysis should be performed after the selection of an appropriate dialyzer and blood flow rate to prevent inadequate hemodialysis.

Key Words: Dialyzer, Hemodialysis, Kt/V

Citation of article: Anwar S, Ahmad S, Usman HT, Akram M, Awan AR. Appropriate Dialyzer Selection among Patients on Hemodialysis. Med Forum 2022;33(2):142-146.