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  3. 13. Prevalence of Suicidal Hanging in males of 3rd Decade of life
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13. Prevalence of Suicidal Hanging in males of 3rd Decade of life

1. Sadaf Nadar 2. Hidayat-ur-Rehman 3. Rizwan Zafar 4. Pervaiz A. Rana 5. Javed Iqbal Khokhar 6. Salman Pervaiz Rana

1. Asstt. Prof. of Forensic Medicine, CMH Lahore Medical College (LMC), Lahore 2. Assoc. Prof. of Forensic

Medicine, KMC, Peshawar 3. Asstt. Prof. of Forensic Medicine, IM&DC, Sialkot 4. Prof. of Forensic Medicine,

CMH LMC, Lahore  5. Prof. of Forensic of Medicine, CMH LMC, Lahore 6. Senior Demonstrator Forensic Medicine, CMH LMC, Lahore.


Objective: This study was carried out to find the manner and gender variation in various age groups of asphyxial deaths in Lahore.

Study Design: Observational study.

Place and Duration of Study: This study was conducted at the Department of Forensic Medicine King Edward Medical University, Lahore, during January 2006 to December 2008.

Materials and Methods: A total of 2979 autopsies had been carried out. After detailed scrutiny 220 cases of asphyxial deaths were selected for this study. The post-mortem reports, police papers and hospital notes were studied. The parameters selected in those asphyxial deaths were age, sex, means of constriction, level of application of force and fracture of hyoid bone.  

Results: Amongst this total number of autopsies in 220 cases, the cause of death was asphyxia (7.39%). Hanging surpassed amongst all asphyxial deaths 104 which was 47.27%, ligature strangulation was next in number

64(29.09%) and then the throttling 52(23.64%)

Out of these 104 cases of hanging72 were males and males dominated as per M/F ratio shown as 2.25:1.0. The 3rd decade age group i.e.; 21-30 years had higher incidence of males than females. The homicidal manner was126 (57.27%), suicidal 68(30.91%) and in un-determined it was 26(11.82%). 

Conclusion: Hanging remains the commonest method of suicide in males especially in age group of 2130.Strangulation with ligature and manual throttling are the other methods used in homicidal deaths. The postmortem findings showed damage to the structures above the thyroid cartilage which favors death due to hanging and throttling. And the trauma to the tissues below thyroid cartilage is consistent with ligature strangulation. The fracture of Hyoid bone is commonly seen in ligature strangulation.

Key Words: Mechanical Asphyxia, Hanging, Strangulation, Manual Throttling, Hyoid Bone.

Citation of article: Nadar S, Rehman H, Zafar R, Rana PA, Khokhar JI, Rana SP. Prevalence of Suicidal Hanging in males of 3rd Decade of life. Med Forum 2015;26(12):50-54.