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12. Frequency of Healthy Overweight Adult Females in a Cluster

Amjad Iqbal Burq1, Viqar Izhar2, Muhammad Athar Khan2 and Asma Khan2


Objective: To find out the frequency of healthy overweight / obese females as determined by body mass index in a cluster.

Study Design: Descriptive / cross sectional study

Place and Duration of Study: This study was conducted at the Out-Patient Department of CMH Landi Kotal hospital from 1st Jan 2016 to 30th June 2016.

Materials and Methods: A non-probability convenience sampling of 500 Females between 18-24 years of age was taken. They were subject to anthropometric and body mass index measurements.  Blood pressure and resting heart rate were taken. Further data was collected by a questionnaire, based on socio-demography, physical activity, self-perception of body weight and health status. Informed consent was taken prior conducting the study.

Results: Among 500 females, mean age was 19 ± 1 year, and age range was 18 to 24 years. 436 cases belonged to rural areas and 64 cases belonged to urban areas. 104 individuals (20.8%), belonged to group 1; 320 (64%) individuals belonged to group 2; 60 (12%) individuals belonged to group 3; 16 (3.2%) individuals belonged to group 4. Blood pressure and pulse rate were recorded under standard conditions in all groups (Table 1). None of the individuals had irregular pulse. All females responded to the pre-tested questionnaire. According to the collected data, 89% knew that overweight was related to diseases. About losing weight; 18% individuals replied as dieting, 22% individuals replied as exercise, 54% individuals replied both dieting and exercise and 6% individuals did not know the way to lose weight.

Conclusion: Frequency of overweight / obesity was 15% among healthy adult females. Health awareness campaigns to deliver the message for healthy eating habits, regular exercise and maintaining ideal weight will be extremely helpful in controlling the obesity in the community.

Key Words: Obesity, cluster, adult females, body mass index, overweight

Citation of article: Burq AI, Izhar V, Khan MA, Khan A. Frequency of Healthy Overweight Adult Females in a Cluster. Med Forum 2016;27(11):50-53.