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10. Increasing Tendency of Rape with Females in Pakistan

1. Muhammad Hanif 3. Syed Zia ud Din 2. M. Amjad Bhatti

1. Assoc. Prof. of Forensic Medicine, FUMC, Rawalpindi 3. Asstt. Prof. of Forensic Medicine, SIMS, Lahore 

3.  Asstt. Prof. of Forensic Medicine, KEMU, Lahore


Objectives: To study the increasing tendency of rape with females in Pakistan.  Design of study:  Observational study

Place of study: This study was conducted at the Emergency Departments of Gangaram Hospital Lahore, Mayo

Hospital Lahore, Services Hospital Lahore, Shahina Jamil Hospital Abbottabad from 1st January 2012 to  31st May 2013

Materials and Methods: The cases of rape were selected from Services hospital Lahore, Mayo hospital Lahore, Shahina Jamil Teaching hospital Abbottabad and Gangaram Hospital Lahore. The data of rape with female was collected on proforma and analyzed for results.

Results: The incidence of rape was maximum at the age range 21 – 30 years (39 %) as compared to age range 60 and above (1 – 2 %). It was seen that incidence of rape was maximum in labor class of women as compared to house wives and business man wives 5 – 9 % which was minimum. In this study the incidence of rape with women was 55 % (55 cases) in lower class, 30 % in middle class (30 cases) but the victim of rape in high gentry was 15 % (15 cases). The Rape victims were 64 % (64 cases) in unmarried women and 36 % (36 cases) in married women. The incidence of rape was 41 % in urban area (41 cases) and 59 % (59 cases) in rural area. In this study 37 % (37 cases) were semen positive and 63 % (63 cases) were of semen negative. The injuries of private parts and rest of the body were present in 83 % victims of rape (83 cases) and 17 % (17 cases) were those victims in which the injuries were absent. At the last 91 % (91cases) were brought by the police for medico legal examination / certification and 9 %  (9 cases) were come on their self request.

Conclusion: The tendency of rape with females is a global problem/sex assault due to, 1) internet use for sex stimulation, 2) Indian sexy movies, 3) the female mixing with males, 4) Co education, 5) Joint possession of offices,

6) Sexy Movies on cable, 7) Non religious gatherings & 8) Unawareness of Islamic teaching

Key Words:   Rape, Sex behavior, Female, Islamic Teachings, Seminars, restricted internet, cable, Indian movies,

sex related news/journals & literature.